Lena Dunham’s Hospital Bed Selfie Attempt at Empathy Yet Another Case of Misguided White Saviorness

Lena Dunham is, at this point, fairly well-known for sticking her nose into matters she thinks will smell pleasant to her ever-expanding portfolio of what actually reeks of shit. Most recently, it was a comment about how she had wished she, too, had gotten an abortion so that she could join in truly knowing other women’s pain. A.k.a. so other women would actually take into account her irrelevant opinion on the matter even though, as usual, she has just about zero life experience with any of the subjects she so thoroughly enjoys discussing and portraying.

Her latest white female savior cause du jour in keeping with outrage trends in the United States is her alleged concern about her “trans sisters”–which, what the fuck does she even know about that life and how does it relate to her endometriosis?–in the wake of Trump’s latest diabolical move to make just about everything a pre-existing condition (shit, maybe even birth).

After conveniently being able to get through the Met Gala in her very best attempt at a dressed up Liz Lemon, she then chose to retire to a hospital room and prattle on in an Instagram post about the health care of other women being at risk while she herself is “lucky to be in the position to seek help when [she’s] in pain.” Otherwise known as, “Thank fuck I’m rich and always have been so none of this really affects me!”

Somehow, once again, while feigning to really care about women–some of whom she’s even conned into watching her wretched show for this long–Dunham managed to make it all about her struggle, herself. And this is “empathy” at its most twenty-first century. Because, ultimately, other people’s pain is just her fodder. If only she would simply admit it, she would at least have a hair more integrity and even a touch of spunk (not the Samantha Jones kind, mind you). Even if the message had been included with some image of the hospital as opposed to the melodramatic selfie she chose, there might be some merit to it. But the self-obsessed look in her eye is all the proof you need that she’ll be fine if you don’t have health care and this is just another opportunity to get political in general and specifically for her rag, Lenny Letter.