Reailty Check: Jennifer Lawrence’s “Think Piece” Is Not THAT Laudable

There’s this trend in Hollywood that supports–practically cums–when white women raise their voice over the slightest discrepancy over their treatment in comparison to men’s. While, yes, said discrepancies are often glaring, why is it suddenly Nelson Mandela-level commendable for female celebrities to “come forward” about their plight.

The latest example (following the likes of Emma Watson) is Jennifer Lawrence–an actress that makes bank with or without a pay gap– who decided to use the “platform” of Lenny Letter for her “cause,” which automatically makes it less admirable considering it’s just another way for the collective “women’s rights” juggernaut to lick Lena Dunham’s pussy.

In any case, the contents of this letter have gotten everyone wet over JLaw’s bravery for speaking out when, in actuality, this is nothing we haven’t heard many times before, most notably back in 2014 when the Sony email hacks revealed Lawrence’s and Amy Adams’ pay grade was much lower than their male co-stars in American Hustle. So why is it now more worth paying attention to because Lawrence has finally decided to wax on about it a year later?

The news flash about the film industry being sexist was delivered early on in its infancy. How about instead of bitching about it on a website geared toward women eating chocolate while on the rag, something actually gets done to change the system? Because, if we’re being honest, talk is cheaper than the women’s pay grade.