Kylie Jenner Puts Prom Back on the Map In, Of All Places, Sacramento

While Kylie’s sister, Kendall, might be fucking up left and right (but mainly right in police sympathizing), Kylie herself is showing herself to be a true woman of the people in what is among the most salt-of-the-earth, run-of-the-mill cities a person can possibly find themselves in: Sacramento.

And while prom, with all its straight people’s associations (unless you’re Damian from Mean Girls being all matchy matchy with Janis Ian–dyke–or Jack McPhee from Dawson’s Creek attending the “alternative” prom), has sort of fallen out of fashion over the past decade, Kylie chose the perfect town to celebrate this seasonal tradition.

Those not fully up to date on their Sacramento trivia might need to be reminded that 80s darling and John Hughes (a.k.a. the ultimate prom auteur and tastemaker in film) muse Molly Ringwald hails from the capital that people often fail to realize is the capital or even exists as anything at all other than the place where angsty bands that experienced their heyday in the 90s and early 00s come from. In fact, it’s the very high school that Molly Ringwald went to–Rio Americano–that drew Kylie to the place a local writer once called “a great place to leave” in order to experience prom.

In a turn of events that could easily have been the inspiration for a Hughes movie (had he not kicked the bucket while running in Central Park), Jenner learned of one rejected high school student’s crusade to find a date after the girl he asked rebuffed him with the excuse that he was her friend’s brother (I’ve banged a friend’s brother and it is awkward). As news of his search spread to social media, Jenner somehow saw the plea and found it in her Tyga-breakin’ heart to make a cameo with the lonely boy in question.

And even though she showed up with model friend Jordyn Woods as a buffer, she still indubitably made this guy’s night and life–not to mention helped to create a plot point that will actually make the Kardashians look charitable on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. For there is nothing more charitable than visiting Sacramento. Just ask honorary Kardashian Kanye West.