Kanye West Cancels Rest of Tour Most Likely Because He Was Traumatized by Sacramento

Anyone who is not from Sacramento, who has not suffered the den of slack you experience the second from entering cannot possibly understand or empathize with what could have propelled the random tirade Kanye West went off on November 19th, the thirty-third performance of his Saint Pablo Tour since August. While, sure, West isn’t exactly new to the arbitrary rant scene, his particular brand of enfant terribleness and insanity was undeniably set off by the city itself, which, let’s face it, hasn’t quite ever been permitted the so-called cool cachet of other similar rinky dink towns like Austin or Portland.

The downtown area is about ten stout buildings, it rivals Fresno for abyssalness and West had to perform at a place named after a credit union. Is it any wonder he was feeling a bit agitated? And one can only imagine the hotel accommodations he had to suffer through, the Grand Hyatt not necessarily cutting it in comparison to other gems he’s had the privilege of staying in. Moreover, the roughly 11.2% population of those aged 18-24 residing in this city was not present to absorb or appreciate West’s “edginess,” which might have only compelled him all the more to rile up the stodgy audience, who just wanted to chew their cud while watching him perform.

While, sure, two-bit towns have their advantages for various reasons now and again, California’s capital city is not one of them. Cara Delevingne, too, has been subjected to the ennui it causes (even from afar) while doing an interview to promote her 2015 movie, Paper Towns.  It is quite possibly for this reason–soul-sucking boredom–that West said what he said and left the premises after a mere three songs. Really, he just had to get the fuck out of that place before it roped him in. It’s very much the type of city where bitches check in, but they don’t check out (not for horror movie reasons, but just because the malaise overtakes you). And maybe–just maybe–he cancelled the rest of his tour so he would 1) not have to make up the show and 2) not have to travel next to Fresno.