Arrested Development Season 5: A Politically Tinged Version of Clue

While the enthusiasm for the Netflix-distributed fourth season of Arrested Development back in 2013 was somewhat marginal, that hasn’t stopped creator Mitchell Hurwitz from wanting to continue to give new life to his metaphorical baby.

Although season five is still in the pre-production phase, Hurwitz has already indicated his plans to make it a parody of a murder mystery–kind of like Clue, except in this case, Hurwitz was inspired by the popularity of current crime dramas like Serial and Making A Murderer.  While this concept sounds promising, especially with Hurwitz’s plans to revisit Lindsay’s (Portia De Rossi) Donald Trump-esque political ambitions, the same problem that affected last season remains: cast members’ inability to film on the same schedule.

Some could argue that if the cast truly wanted to make season five work, they would be more willing to make concessions to their schedules–and this is probably true. With Jason Bateman and Michael Cera more focused on film and Jeffrey Tambor reveling in the praise for his role as Maura on Transparent, maybe Arrested Development just doesn’t feel fresh to them anymore. And if this is the case, then season five should, sadly, not occur.

Yet Hurwitz’s dedication to the project is too adamant for him to back down–he’s even trying to rush the production to air in time for election season, so as to keep the content of the scripts relevant. Should he succeed in doing this, it’s likely that not all cast members will be able to participate–or they’ll have to do it in the same patched together manner as season four, which doesn’t bode well for fans hoping for the series to recapture what it had from seasons one through three.

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