What Levels of Macabre Will Be Explored in Another 17 Episodes of Arrested Development?

With a Netflix-sponsored fourth season that revealed a no holds barred approach to plot and character twists, one might have supposed that any further exploration of the Bluth family might be too grim to bear. Nonetheless, producer Brian Grazer recently announced that there will be another seventeen episodes a.k.a. a season five of Arrested Development.

The Bluth family is back
The Bluth family is back
Based on the critical reaction to season four, which is to say, mixed, it seems bizarre that Mitchell Hurwitz, Grazer and the cast at large would want to pursue the storyline further, though, granted, the final episode of season four did land on quite a cliffhanger (George Michael punched Michael in the face for pursuing the same woman as him, in case you forgot).

While the cast’s scheduling conflicts while filming season four were the cause of its unusual and very specific structure, maybe Hurwitz and Grazer just want to get it right this time. Or maybe they don’t know quite when to say goodbye. Whatever the motives for starting it all over again, there’s still plenty of material left to delve into. The real question is, will Jeffrey Tambor even be available in the wake of his Transparent success?

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