Allowing Taylor Swift to Sing at Times Square on New Year’s Eve Renounces the Last Vestiges of Any Cachet NYC Had

As we all had the misfortune to hear earlier this year, Taylor Swift released what is quite possibly the worst New York anthem in pop culture history. To make matters worse, the song soon landed her the position of “Tourism Ambassador” for New York. This combination of facts has made NYC look as though it has offered up its asshole to anyone who will make it a fast dollar.

Looking as though she's conquered NY--and sadly, she has
Looking as though she’s conquered NY–and sadly, she has
Swift, while perfectly capable of putting out brainwashing ditties that you can’t help liking (e.g. “Blank Space”), is the worst possible representation of what New York has transformed into: a place that harbors vanilla soft serve types who feel that hanging out with Lena Dunham gives them an edge.
The least cutting edge people in NYC
The least cutting edge people in NYC
And yet, it’s as though the collective known as New York has no regard for what it’s allowing itself to become, thus embracing Taylor Swift’s New Year’s Eve performance of “Welcome to New York” (gross) and “Shake It Off.” But hey, maybe it’s inane to use Times Square (both figuratively and metaphorically) goings-on as a point of reference for how the rest of NYC perceives Swift.

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