When Khia Said What No One Would

“My neck, my back/Lick my pussy and my crack.” We were all thinking it, but only Khia had the gumption to say it. She made it a point to announce to the world exactly what she (and all the rest of us) wanted. The song, which appeared on 2002’s Thug Misses, was Khia’s one and only masterpiece–it was something akin to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” in that the magic simply couldn’t be recaptured.

Announcing her desire
Announcing her desire

Supposedly written in fifteen minutes (the same amount of time it takes to get really good head), Khia clearly didn’t need to put in an extensive amount of thought into what came naturally to her to say. The demand was simple: “Suck this pussy just like you should.” And none of us have gone back since.


To be honest, Khia may have made the most feminist statement since Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique. While certain prudish women and men fearful of a pubic hair choking hazard may have been offput by Khia’s brazen assertions about both anilingus and cunnilingus, her declarative stance had to be taken in honor of unlicked women everywhere.

This woman is a feminist.
This woman is a feminist.

Whether Khia was inspired by a personal experience of either being well eaten out on the regular or being deprived of such pleasure for too long is difficult to say. For from extremes comes inspiration. The fact that Khia had two kids and worked at a bar called Club XS in Florida long before she became a rapper also seems telling of a desire to break out from the mold of matriarchy and working girl–through the sweet release of receiving oral.

Standing up for what's right.
Standing up for what’s right.

Whatever her motives for creating the song, every woman (and pussy-crazed man) owes Khia a great debt for her service to our kind.

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