Taylor Swift Attempts Fast & Furious Feminism With $250K “Donation” to Kesha

After Taylor Swift’s extremely disingenuous “feminist” Grammy acceptance speech, perhaps the pop “chanteuse” is trying her best to make good on her claims of being a friend to all women by randomly giving Kesha $250,000 as a “show of support” in the wake of the unfortunate verdict in her case against longtime producer Dr. Luke.

While no one is going to be upset about receiving such an exorbitant amount of money, there is something a bit “whoreish” about accepting such a generous sum–especially when, like Kesha, you really need it–not to be able to record independently, but to be able to simply pay off your legal bills in a fruitless battle against a corporate behemoth like Sony Entertainment.

Though, sure, Swift’s “act” is technically “generous,” there’s something altogether hollow about it considering she, unlike a slew of other female pop stars, has been utterly silent on the matter other than throwing money at the issue at hand, which is that women continue to be viewed as playthings that shouldn’t be taken seriously merely because they’re more overtly sexual creatures than men. But then, Swift prefers to toe the line between “outspoken” “artist” and corporate goldmine. It’s a delicate balance, but she manages it so well. In any event, at least Kesha has some dough to spend on much needed expenses, such as a lobotomy to endure the recording process laid out by her contractual obligations.