Sisters Helping Sisters Uses Humor To Highlight A Sad Truth: Don’t Nobody Wanna See More Than Two Women Onscreen At Once

A promotional video called Sisters Helping Sisters created in honor of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s upcoming film, Sisters, incorporates Poehler acolytes Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson of Broad City to make a satirical statement on the nature of “female comedies” and the overt tendency of audiences to be incapable of withstanding the sight (and sound) of more than two women starring in a film.

After two nameless sisters (played by Ilana and Abbi) are held in court for charges of vandalism, gambling, larceny and general “bad”ness, another pair of nameless sisters a.k.a. nuns (played by Tina and Amy) burst into the court to assure the judge that these women will “answer to a higher power.” From there the bad girls are escorted to a Catholic church where the nuns hand them some “rosary beads,” which Ilana immediately sniffs and notes that they look a lot like anal beads–though she’s never officially permitted to say the words.

Once Abbi and Ilana get into the groove of goodness after doing a Hail Mary, Ilana points out, “You guys are sisters, we’re sisters. Maybe we could make a movie about us all and call it Sisters. ” Tina immediately shuts it down by saying, “That’s a lot of sisters.” And Amy adds, “Maybe too many sisters by two.” Then Tina delivers the coup de grâce with the bitingly comedic and veracious statement, “I don’t think people wanna see that many women talking at once–(mimicking audience) ‘Ah what are you yelling about?’ I mean look at The View.”

The hilarious combination of these four women together, however, might just have paved the way for men–and any gender in between–everywhere to finally be able to tolerate more than two women onscreen, which has generally been the norm save for most sitcoms (e.g. Golden Girls and Sex and the City). Is there nothing this quartet can’t do to single-handedly make feminism bearable?

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