Should White Males Actually Be Afraid of a Female Uprising?

A latent phobia on the part of white men has seemed to be bubbling to the surface in recent months. The sudden need to apologize for being a white male infers some sort of fear that they could ever be toppled over as the dominant controller of American business (not, culture, to be clear–that’s some shit that white girls run). Whether they’re the gender minority in terms of actual numbers is irrelevant, because he who has the money always has the power. And while it’s a pretty thought to believe that, as Beyonce insists, girls run the world, it simply isn’t so, and may never be because of a predisposition to compete for men.

Not quite. Just Hillary, and Hillary alone.
Not quite. Just Hillary, and Hillary alone.
Even Hillary made the conscientious decision to stay with Bill instead of penalizing him for his disregard for her in fucking someone who wore a beret on the regular. The weakness, or, if you want to put it more politely, “soft spot,” women have for men will always be their downfall. Because men do not have this type of sensitivity or attachment, even just from a chemical perspective, they are consistently going to be the ones who are able to vie effectively for power.
No matter how much women hate men, they still can't resist the D
No matter how much women hate men, they still can’t resist the D
And so, until a utopian society of lesbians finally exists, it seems as though white men have very little to fear in terms of a female uprising. Even though, if women had just a touch more will power, they could control men effortlessly through the Lysistrata method.

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