“Out of My Head” is The Jesus Prayer of Getting Over Someone

The unstoppable Charli XCX is out with yet another mixtape–proving that full-length albums are increasingly a seemingly quaint notion when you can entice a listener far more effortlessly with a single or two (just ask Cardi B). Called Pop 2, which comes out December 15th, Charli has released the first song, “Out of My Head,” featuring the complementary voices of Tove Lo and ALMA. Where the former is concerned, well, no one knows better than she how to create a song about impossible yearning and the unwanted thoughts associated with it (hear: “Habits (Stay High)“). Paired with the harmonies of ALMA, the effect is one soothingly chant-like in nature to those of us who have a bit of trouble controlling our memories and flashbacks to a particular person.

The crux of this “Jesus Prayer” (the same one Franny wanted so badly to become unconsciously internalized) is Tove Lo’s recitation of, “Please, get out of my, out of my, out of my head. Need you, need you, need you out.” And while actually exorcising the person you direct this incantation at is easier said than done, maybe the repetition of saying will help with enacting the expulsion.

Produced by Charli XCX’s go-to producers, SOPHIE and A.G. Cook, the expectedly frothy beats of “Out of My Head” may just enhance the willingness you have toward casting out the one you just can’t seem to forget (even if he’s definitely long ago forgotten about you). All from the comfort of your own dance floor. As the lead track from Pop 2, things are looking very promising indeed for this upcoming mixtape, with cameos from other artists including MØ, CupcakKe, Carly Rae Jepsen and Caroline Polachek.

Unfortunately, all the positivity of embracing the potential of ritually expelling your ex from your mind on the dance floor is rendered slightly moot when all three women sing, “You got me doin’ all this stupid shit/You fuck me up like this/Secretly I’m into it though.” Ah, so close to the perfect Jesus Prayer for former boyfriend removal from the mind. Nonetheless, maybe you can just take away the initial sentiment of it below.