Mary-Kate Olsen Gets Married, Has Reception That Danny Tanner Would Disapprove OF

No one ever imagined that, of all the celebrity pairings in recent years, Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy’s would be one to persist (one balks at the word “last” at this point). Their “surprise” marriage at an apartment on 49th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, that creepy area known as Midtown, or worse, Tudor City, has been the talk of the internet–especially during the post-holiday lull.

But more than the union itself being a shock to people is the notion that Mary-Kate and Olivier would stoop to have bowls and bowls of cigarettes set out on the tables for people to “consume.” And that, according to one source (speaking to Page Six, mind you), “everyone smoked the whole night.”

Not only does this seem like a strange attempt on Mary-Kate and Olivier’s part to bond over what may be one of the few things they have in common, but it’s also something Danny Tanner would undeniably disapprove of–in addition to their glaring age and height difference. While details of the nuptials will undoubtedly be trickling in for weeks, there is no more outrageous one than piles of cigarettes affronting the memory of all Mary-Kate’s TV dad instilled in her. Bob Saget, on the other hand, he wouldn’t mind at all.