Madonna Further Proves Her Commitment to the Performance in Wake of Fall at 2015 Brit Awards

It’s the fall heard ’round the internet. After making her first appearance as a performer at the Brit Awards since 1995 when she sang “Bedtime Story,” Madonna finagled quite the re-introduction into British culture by falling within the first thirty-four seconds of singing the first single from Rebel Heart, “Living for Love.”

Considering the majority is all too ready to write Madonna off as over/old/irrelevant, it’s no surprise that media outlets are pouncing on the chance to see her stumble and use it as a way to shed a glaring light on her flaws, and worse, blame the faux pas on her age. However, as M herself has stated, the backwards plummet was due to an Armani cape tied too tightly (thus if blame is looking to be placed on a dancer, it should really be on the dresser).

M's heroic tumble
M’s heroic tumble

The fact that the snafu happened as early on as it could have in the performance gave Madonna the chance to more than make up for it to her audience by immediately picking herself and her microphone up and continuing to give the song her all. Indeed, no one else could have better handled such an unexpected foil to a live show than she. Committed more now than ever to the perfectionism of her stage performances, it’s unlikely that Madonna will allow another wardrobe malfunction to occur on her upcoming world tour (unless, of course, she’s flashing her bum again).


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