Madonna Does It Better: Mariah Carey Feeds Into Terrorist Fear By Cancelling Belgian Shows

Let us harken back not so long ago to the terrorist attacks that took place in Paris on November 15th. Everyone was scared shitless, but no one of a pop star variety seemed to retreat into themselves the way Mariah Carey has by recently decided to by cancelling her Brussels tour dates for the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour (a name she’s clearly using to appeal to those who are confused as to what her music is at this time).

According to her Twitter, the singer was “advised to cancel [her] show for the safety of [her] fans, [her] band, crew and everyone…” Heaven forbid she could make these decisions for herself, which might actually force her to acknowledge the reason she’s absconding is because she’s the one who is afraid for her own well-being, not for others. In contrast, Madonna’s response to the Paris attacks, during which time she was also “advised” not to go to Brussels (in addition to Paris), which was on high alert after the perpetrators of the suicide bombings fled there, was to say “Fuck you” to everyone and not buy in to exactly what ISIS wanted to monger: fear.

Instead, Madonna went so far as to not only go through with her Paris and Brussels tour dates, but also to perform an unplugged show in the Place de la République during which no one was protecting her (leaving her open to any manner of assault) to promote peace and solidarity, and to highlight the point that the less you succumb to the panic that they want you to feel in the wake of their destruction, the more you win the war. Carey, on the other hand, has utterly caved to the terror they wanted to inflict with their latest bout of attacks. She is not, at this moment in time, spreading her wings like a butterfly.