Lena Dunham Will Continue to Torment the HBO Airwaves Post-Girls

Just when you thought you could brace yourself for the merciful end of Lena Dunham’s seemingly endless reign as the so-called Carrie Bradshaw of the millennial era, HBO goes and approves a pilot for another pet project of the overprivileged New Yorker’s.

That’s right, a new series for Dunham means a new slew of white girl problems that will inevitably somehow still seem frivolous in spite of being set in 1963 and centered around a protagonist working as a writer for a magazine during “second-wave feminism.”

On the plus side, it’s, once again, only a half hour show, limiting the amount of time Dunham can spout her whiny bullshit through another actress, little known Lisa Joyce. The series will be called Max, yet another characteristic closely resembling Mad Men. And yes, it’s probably safe to assume that this is Dunham’s version of how things would have gone for Peggy Olson if she was a magazine writer instead of a copywriter. But what does HBO care? She’s their cash cow.