Lana Del Rey Continues to Show Her Love of Cinema With New Song for The Age of Adaline

Just when you thought soundtracks were dead as an art form, Lana Del Rey comes along and consistently proves her commitment to cinema by providing us with lush balladry (see: The Great Gatsby and Big Eyes for prior evidence).

LDR performed "Young & Beautiful" for The Great Gatsby Soundtrack
LDR performed “Young & Beautiful” for The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

Her latest contribution to the movie world, “Life Is Beautiful” (which probably would have been more appropriate for the 1997 film of the same name), was created for the Blake Lively vehicle The Age of Adaline. The plot, which is somewhat like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button but for a female audience, follows Adaline Bowman (Lively) through the years as she remains ageless in the wake of an accident.

Upon meeting a man she falls in love with, Adaline is tempted to alter her state of perpetual youth (she’s sort of like a vampire that way). With such a wistful, melancholic narrative, it only makes sense that LDR would compose a track for it. Although we’ve only been given a small taste thus far in the preview, lyrics like, “Don’t be that way, don’t you pretend you’re not away/Your soul’s not on fire/I don’t believe this is the end/Come on boy, we can hit the road/We don’t have to stay/Where we’re going, we can go anywhere/Right now life is still so beautiful,” indicate it’s likely The Age of Adaline isn’t going to have a happy ending, which, again, makes Lana Del Rey the perfect songstress for it.