John Lennon: A Libra of the People

On what would have been John Lennon’s seventy-fourth birthday, his effect on the masses continues to remain a force to be reckoned with. His irreverent wit and roguish charm have yet to be–and may never be–imitated. The fact that he was immolated for the cause of Mark David Chapman’s inane point about hypocrisy only served to immortalize him even further.

A man for peace
A man for peace
With his legacy as an advocate for peace and a champion of the underdog–be it the working class hero or the self-doubting artist–Lennon was a man for many causes before it became the chic celebrity thing to do. Although his tumultuous personal life has frequently tarnished his name (e.g. treating his firstborn son like shit, leaving his wife after cheating on her for years and later, even having an affair while with Yoko), Lennon remains one of the great legends of the twentieth century, and maybe, just maybe, spanning through all the centuries with regard to his contribution to music.

Even in his childhood, John seemed plagued by his combination of genius and rebellion. While everyone else was of the belief that he would amount to nothing, John found solace in his poetic nature and musical obsession. And, as with most great bands, it took the magical pairing of another–Paul McCartney–to complete Lennon’s full potential. Between supporting and challenging one another, Lennon and McCartney’s relationship may have been deeper than anything romantic.
While Lennon’s death saw him leave this earth before his time, this powerful, transcendent Libra refuses to be forgotten in death. Hence, the very public yearly celebration of his life.