It’s Probably Still Too Soon For a Selena Makeup Collection

While it’s generally expected that MAC creates a line of makeup based on pretty much every iconic celebrity woman in existence, some people ought to be sacred. Alas, Selena (who now has to be called Selena Quintanilla in order for people to differentiate between her and Selena Gomez) has not been given this courtesy.

In fact, the appropriate amount of time to create a makeup line that pays tribute to someone who died tragically is the amount of time MAC waited to make the Marilyn Monroe inspired palettes back in 2012–a.k.a. fifty years. But it’s been a mere twenty-one years since Selena was gunned down by her manager and so-called best friend, Yolanda Saldívar, after meeting her at a Days Inn in Corpus Christi and then falling for some yarn Saldívar gave her about being raped in Mexico so that Selena would be deflected from the matter at hand: Saldívar blatant embezzlement while in charge of her business affairs.

When Selena took her to the hospital to get checked, the doctors found no traces of the claim. Back in the car, the tension between Selena and Saldívar escalated, prompting Saldívar, psycho that she is, to brandish a gun and shoot Selena in the shoulder and wound a critical artery. Selena then fled back to the hospital in a gruesome scene that left behind a 392-foot line of blood.

And so, with a murder as grotesque as this in mind happening relatively recently, one begs the question: is MAC really honoring Selena’s memory by offering up blood-red lipsticks for sale at this point in time? You be the judge. But, most likely, you’re the type who thinks Selena Gomez was the one who made the name “Selena” trend in the first place.