Getting A David Bowie Tattoo After His Death Actually Makes You Seem Like Less of A Fan (@LadyGaga)

After David Bowie’s death managed to conveniently coincide with the performance Lady Gaga was asked to give at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, she decided to take it to the next level by getting a tattoo of Bowie’s most iconic album covers, Aladdin Sane.

While it’s all very well and good to assure people of your worthiness of giving a David Bowie tribute, there is something all too contrived about Gaga’s sudden decision to immortalize the singer on her body. After all, where was this level of fanship before his death, huh?

On the other hand, Gaga’s nemesis, Madonna, took a classier route by simply paying homage to him during one of the segments of her Rebel Heart Tour. And, let’s not forget that Madonna actually has photographic evidence of meeting Bowie, whereas Gaga is just another hanger-on who copied some of the more overt elements of his style.

In any case, getting ink of someone you casually admire after they kick the bucket doesn’t prove devotion so much as one of the distinct characteristics of a poseur.