Dissecting Drake’s Reaction to Being Kissed By Madonna at Coachella

It’s been the kiss heard (and, more importantly, seen) ’round the world. Madonna’s impromptu smooch of Drake as he closed out the final night of Coachella on Sunday has sparked numerous analyses of his seemingly disgusted reaction.

Sporting a shirt that says "Big As Madonna," per Drake's song lyrics
Sporting a shirt that says “Big As Madonna,” per Drake’s song lyrics

Upon taking the stage to perform “Human Nature” after Drake sang “Madonna,” a new track from his If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late album, Madonna surprised all, including Drake, by pulling back his head and planting a passion-filled kiss that rivaled the same zeal she showed for Britney back in 2003.


Initially appearing into it, Drake’s final facial expression appeared to be one of utter disgust. Perhaps it was more a combination of shock, elation and incredulity resulting in a glower that would lead the critical mass to determine that it must have to do with Madonna’s age that Drake behaved this way. Or maybe he’s in a monogamous relationship we don’t know about. According to Drake himself, the moment was one to “write home about.” Though this is a somewhat dubious comment left open for plenty of interpretation. But it’s fine; Madonna is no stranger to condemnation at this point on her Rebel Heart promotional spree.


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