Carrie Bradshaw: An Emo, Suicidal Wreck

Any cursory watcher of Sex and the City might think that Carrie is a happy go lucky sort of woman. But look a little closer and you’ll start to notice the constant references to suicide and inadequacy. Is it because she doesn’t have the perfect man? Not enough shoes? Who knows? But below are some of her more troublesome statements that should have led Charlotte, Samantha or Miranda to make her call a suicide hotline.

In season two, episode twelve (“La Douleur Exquise”), Carrie is clearly saying, “I just want to hurt.”

In season two, episode three (“The Freak Show), Carrie has a difficult time finding a non-freak of a man, prompting her to want to give up on New York City (and herself) altogether.

In season three, episode thirteen (“Escape From New York”), Carrie is dealing with the fallout of having confessed to Aidan about cheating with Mr. Big, leading her to ask Charlotte this very important question.

In season two, episode thirteen (“Games People Play”), Carrie refuses to go to therapy–the denial in admitting she has a problem being a classic sign of suicidal tendencies.

In season three, episode one (“Where There’s Smoke…”), Carrie again makes a self-deprecating, off-handed joke about suicide.

In season four, episode one (“The Agony and the ‘Ex’-tacy”), Carrie is devastated over turning 35 and having to sit alone at a restaurant waiting for all of her late friends to show up. Wanting to isolate herself afterward is another quintessential sign of depression.

In season five, episode two (“Unoriginal Sin”), Carrie makes yet another reference to death and her utter loneliness in life.

In season two, episode sixteen (“Was It Good For You?”), Carrie assumes she’s a hideous troll after a guy she meets on the street doesn’t call her back right away. Her lack of self-esteem is another indication of insecurity and depression.

Another quote from season four, episode one–when she was clearly at her most suicidal. So there you have it. If you ever think Carrie Bradshaw had it all, just remember how miserable she was most of the time.