Britney Drives Final Nail in Backstabbing Coffin of Justin Timberlake

As one-half of the America’s sweetheart duo that was Britney and Justin from 1999 to 2002, the former knows that the worst possible way to further stab JT in the back–other than cheating on him with choreographer Wade Robson–is to admit a lifelong love of the Backstreet Boys–NSYNC’s ultimate boy band rival.

But alas, Brit showed she doesn’t care about playing games with Justin’s heart after posing for a photo of herself and none other than two-fifths of the Backstreet Boys, Kevin Richardson and A.J. McLean. The duo apparently saw fit to come see Spears’ revamped Piece of Me show at Planet Hollywood, where Spears gave McLean the “Unapologetic Bitch” treatment by inviting McLean up onstage during “Freakshow.”

She later posted a photo with just McLean captioned: “Huge confession…biggest @backstreetboys fan! Tonight was truly a dream for me.” Just keep digging the knife into Justin’s chest, why don’t you? Considering Spears early beginnings consisted of being the opening act for NSYNC, one wonders how she could possibly further bite the hand that once helped to feed her. But yes, it’s pretty clear that the Backstreet Boys have far more retrospective appeal as they were the sort of dirty “greasers” your mom never would have wanted to let into the house unless, of course, she was taking her cues from the Mrs. George from Mean Girls school of parenting. But maybe there is a method to Brit’s madness as she tries to dilute the attention that was brought to her “endorsing” Hillary by posing for some pictures with her and hashtagging #ImWithHer in an evident misguided judgment while the presidential hopeful was in Vegas–the hub of politics, clearly.