With the Death of Franca Sozzani Comes the Death of Vogue Italia As We Knew It

Vogue Italia has long been known for its avant-garde, forward-thinking aesthetic and editorial slant. And this has, in large part, been thanks to its former editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzani, who has died at age 66 after battling a year-long illness.

As editor of the publication since 1988, Sozzani’s contributions to the world of fashion were numerous and innovative. Being part of the key formation of “the supermodel” popularity that took place in the 90s, Sozzani collaborated with the likes of revolutionary photographers Steven Meisel and Mario Testino to come up with some of the most memorable fashion spreads of the day.

Her constant push toward that which was cutting edge led her to create such memorable issues as “The Makeover Issue,” dedicated solely to the topic of plastic surgery, and “The Black Issue,” devoted to the celebration of black women. Re-defining the landscape of what it meant to be beautiful in the mainstream, Sozzani never wavered in her search for something bolder.

Even her only son, Francesco Carrozzini (sometimes known only for being one of Lana Del Rey’s victims), took to the fashion world thanks to her enthusiasm, becoming a well-known photographer in his own right. The lasting impression Sozzani has left on everyone from Marc Jacobs to Maurizio Cattelan is not one likely to be forgotten, as a sensibility and keen instinct like hers comes typically but once a century.