Who’s A Neo Maxi Zoom Dweebie Now? Anthony Michael Hall to Face Potential Jail Time For Assault

Though Anthony Michael Hall has been kind of buff ever since 1990’s Edward Scissorhands, the masses always remember him–if they remember him at all–as that “neo maxi zoom dweebie” archetype “wailed on” by John Bender (Judd Nelson) types in John Hughes movies.

And maybe this sort of perception can really get to a person who is no longer the persona the media made of him in his youth. Whatever motivated Hall to get into a physical altercation with his neighbor back in September, the severity of the assault and battery has resulted in the actor being charged for his crime on November 17th, though Hall has yet to give himself up to the authorities.

In the meantime, the unnamed neighbor has taken a restraining order out against Hall, who has purportedly had past run-ins with this person. Maybe he provoked Hall in a Bender-style manner though–you never know. But there’s no way Hall was about to live up to the callow reputations of his three most iconic roles: Farmer Ted in Sixteen Candles, Brian Johnson in The Breakfast Club and Gary Wallace in Weird Science. And in any event, isn’t this violence all very expected from a condo in Playa del Rey?