When You’re the Voice of Arnold From Hey Arnold! It’s Only Natural That You’d Grow Up to Be Hipster Scum

Although Lane Toran a.k.a. Toran Caudell was not the only person to voice Arnold in the beloved 90s Nickelodeon series Hey Arnold!, he is certainly now the most memorable thanks to a recent image of him depicting his look in all of its hipster scum glory.

As the first voice to establish Arnold’s character from Seasons 1-2, Toran holds a special place in Hey Arnold!‘s heart, created by Craig Bartlett, who got his start animating the Penny cartoons on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. From his first bullying/subtle declaration of love from Helga (voiced by Francesca Smith) to establishing the bromance between himself and Gerald (Jamil Walker Smith), the voice of Toran is what compelled us to Arnold and his football head.

Considering that Arnold’s go-to outfit was a kilt, it’s safe to say he was a hipster ahead of his time, which is, perhaps, why Toran transcended so seamlessly into the pinnacle of a Williamsburg circa 2010 denizen–beard, tattoos and porkpie hat serving as props that Arnold himself would have invariably grown into, especially since his fictional town of Hillwood is a mash-up of Portland and Brooklyn.