What We Learned About Economizing from Carl Weathers on Arrested Development

Carl Weathers taught us a lot on Arrested Development–which is more than one can say for what he taught Tobias Fünke (David Cross) about acting. A frugal, enterprising man, Carl Weathers’ true skill lies not in performance but in perspicacity. His attention to detail allowed him to see potential in things we never could. And so, without further ado, here are among his most useful gems when it comes to economizing.

Carl's infamous stew.
Carl’s infamous stew.

Always take a ride share van to the airport.

Never underestimate how much meat is on a bone. You can always use it for a stew.

Have it your way at BK.
Have it your way at BK.

Burger King is a fine restaurant.


You, too, can direct a movie on a budget if you do it the Scandalmakers way.

Those who can’t do, teach. Or at least pretend to for a stipend of 1,100 dollars.

Always try to book your airline ticket during a busy time so you can get bumped from a flight in order to get the 300 dollar credit and free hotel.

If a fight breaks out in a restaurant, always seize the opportunity to take drinks off people’s tables.

If you follow these simple rules for success, you, too can make money doing nothing and eat and drink for free wherever you go.