What Cars 3 Displacing Wonder Woman After Such a Brief Period at the Top Indicates

It was pretty glorious there for those brief few weeks that Wonder Woman was at the top of the box office, proving that women aren’t just capable of light-hearted romps in the occasional vein of Rough Night. No, they can also be just as much of a superhero as any bloke. And though Cars 3 may at least have some meaningful message about ageism underlying it, it certainly doesn’t outweigh Wonder Woman in substance.

The buying power of children, however, who are like little puppeteers controlling the marionettes that are their parents, can never be underestimated. So maybe those with filmic taste shouldn’t take too much offense to Wonder Woman being so instantaneously usurped. And then there are the preferences of the American public at large to take into account. The only people still going to the movie theater for the most part are, after all, that Midwestern sort of ilk in their suburban sprawl, still relying on escapism as their sole means of entertainment.

And the last thing this demographic wants to watch is an Israeli woman showing strength and integrity more glaring than a man’s. It was fine as a novelty, at first, but now that its dernier cri has worn off, the moviegoing masses just want to get back to what they know best: animated froth centered around the only thing the U.S. has ever been good for: cars. But oh, you had a good run in the mainstream while it lasted Wonder Woman and at least you didn’t get toppled by something far more insulting to women, like 47 Meters Down (Mandy, you really ought to have just made an A Walk to Remember sequel called, A Walk to Remember: The Resuscitation).