Wes Anderson Infuses H&M With A Touch of The Darjeeling Limited

One supposes H&M has now reached that point where it doesn’t need to really advertise for the actual clothing it sells. It’s just far too much of a fast fashion institution for that at this point. Undoubtedly, this is the reason why they tapped Wes Anderson to write and direct a commercial ostensibly advertising nothing except Christmas cheer and good will.

Called Come Together (Yoko could sue for that, you know–except she probably consented to the project), the short three minute and fifty-three second ad opens on Adrien Brody as Conductor Ralph at the helm of H&M Lines Winter Express, a train that’s been derailed from its original route thanks to weather conditions that will delay the original arrival time by eleven hours. As the passengers listen to the news with stoic expressions that exude just how accustomed people are to disappointment (especially during the holidays), pieces from H&M’s winter collection are showcased.

The person most affected by the news, however, is a young boy with a particularly ennui’d countenance, not wanting to fully resign himself to the idea that he’s not going to have a “real” Christmas–which, in America, means getting some presents under the tree. But Conductor Ralph isn’t going to let sadness pervade the aura of his train, calling upon outside help for materials like scissors and a (royal) tannenbaum to create a Christmas of his own.

Nineteen minutes later, and with all the passengers wearing Santa hats, Conductor Ralph welcomes the little boy into the common area so that he can place the star atop the tree. And it’s all capped by the playing of “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”–giving John Lennon credit where credit is due with a title like Come Together. It’s all very touching, but still, one can’t help but prefer the short Anderson did for Prada. There’s a hair more artistic integrity to it (plus, it inspired a boss restaurant at the Prada Foundation in Milan).