“We Found Love” and “This Is What You Came For”: Lightning Strikes Twice With Rihanna & Calvin Harris

The magic of the Calvin Harris/Rihanna collaboration that was 2011’s “We Found Love” was almost too much brilliance to ever give us hope that the duo would come together again (sure, Harris also worked on “Where Have You Been,” also from Talk That Talk, but “We Found Love” always held more signature cachet). But lo and behold, almost a full five years later, Harris and Rihanna have returned together to bring us “This Is What You Came For.”

While both songs offer a danceable beat and a chorus that isn’t soon forgotten, it’s evident that “We Found Love” is still the triumphant joint effort between the two of them. With “This Is What You Came For,” it’s almost as though Harris and Rihanna expect us to appreciate the simple fact that, “Lightning, this is what you came for”–a.k.a. just enjoy that they even bothered to make another song for you. Lightning rarely strikes twice, after all, but it has now in the form of this partnership.

Perhaps, however, with the inevitable video one expects them to make for “This Is What You Came For,” Harris and Rihanna can attempt to rival the visual stunningness and emotional introduction of “We Found Love,” though this seems very unlikely–especially if they don’t ask Agyness Deyn to be in it again in some capacity. But alas, at least we have the first available anthem for the summer. No matter what, “lightning strikes every time [Rihanna] moves.” It doesn’t really matter if Calvin Harris is involved or not.