Tove Lo Perpetuates The Tradition of Amazing Swedish Pop

In the tradition of amazing Swedish pop music pioneered by ABBA, Tove Lo continues to prove that no one knows danceable beats better than a Swede. Also in keeping with the ABBA norm, Tove Lo is based out of Stockholm. Her first EP, Truth Serum, was released in March, setting the stage for a debut album that’s sure to draw even more attention.

Album cover for Truth Serum
Album cover for Truth Serum
Tove Lo’s main single, “Stay High,” succeeds in doing what all Swedish pop singers (from Robyn to Lykke Li) are capable of: singing about something depressing in an upbeat manner. Lyrics like, “I drink all my money” and “You’re gone and I gotta stay high all the time to keep you off my mind” are delivered with such enthusiasm that it’s hard to tell if she’s capable of feeling anything at all.

Continuing the drug/love analogy, “Not On Drugs” is another standout track from the Truth Serum EP. Assuring, “I’m not on drugs, I’m just in love,” Tove Lo again numbs her pain through a mask of happiness. In fact, this is the running theme of every song on the record. The third song on the album, “Over,” reveals Tove Lo in a more melancholic state as she sings, “After tonight, seems like I’m out of your life/Guess we are over/Wish I was sober.” Again with the sobriety references.

With every song on Truth Serum offering the purest, most earnest form of Swedish pop, Tove Lo joins the ranks of some of the finest of her countrymen who have preceded her.

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