This Remix of “Florida Kilos” Will Serve As Your New “Summertime Sadness”

If you’ve exhausted playing “Summertime Sadness” after its three summers of existence, then maybe it’s time to retire it momentarily in favor of a new Lana Del Rey remix of “Florida Kilos.” Like the sound of coconuts filled with cocaine being cracked open, the Tep No (of “Lana Del Dre” fame) interpretation provides the ultimate antidote to any warm weather malaise.

Tep No prolongs the musical intro, allowing Del Rey’s ethereal vocals to creep in slowly as she repeats “white lines” a few times to iterate the drug-happy theme of the song. A sultry, jazzy saxophone then makes its way into the mix, conjuring images of that scene in Lost Boys where the muscular saxophone player serenades an entire beach.

Beachy vibes make "Florida Kilos" a must-listen to summer anthem
Beachy vibes make “Florida Kilos” a must-listen to summer anthem

Del Rey softly soothes, “Come on down to Florida, I got somethin’ for ya,” as the beat picks up again, echoing, in fact, the sound of “Summertime Sadness.” Evoking a sweltering night of sin in Miami, Tep No reinvents “Florida Kilos” as his own, breathing new life into a song that was largely one of the most forgettable on Ultraviolence. And, best of all, now you don’t have to ruin “Summertime Sadness” (and its many remixes) for another summer.

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