This Is Not A Test: Missy Elliott & Tweet Have A New Song Together

In 2002, a year of evident sexual revolution in music (kind of like the filmic one of 1992), Tweet and Missy Elliott released one of the great masturbation anthems, “Oops (Oh My!).” Ever since, we’ve been patiently awaiting another collaboration that could match this level of greatness.

With “Somebody Else Will,” a new single from Tweet’s third album, Charlene, we get something of a “grown up” sequel to “Oops (Oh My!),” in which Tweet (who should really consider a marketing collaboration with Twitter) has succumbed to relying on a man for sex instead of herself–a change in perspective that is precisely why she’s not nearly as empowered on this track. Still, she finds the courage to assert, “If you don’t love me/Don’t have to love me/Someone else can love me right.”

Her pain over wasting time on a person who “thought that [she] would never leave” is gradually washed away by the end of the song, a catharsis on the road to recovery. And even though Tweet admits, “Sometimes I feel like I still love you,” she knows she “can’t let you get the upper hand.” Plus, with Missy on the backing track to remind her, “He ain’t did nothin’ for me in a minute,” there’s no way Tweet will ever go back to the life of being mistreated in a relationship–and neither should you. Get inspired to find someone better here.