The Winehouse War: Amy’s Family Voices Discontent With Upcoming Documentary

So it goes that even in death, Amy Winehouse still can’t seem to find any peace. With the recent announcement of a documentary entitled Amy and an accompanying heart-wrenching trailer to go with it, things briefly appeared to possess a reverent slant toward the fallen pop angel.

Alas, calm waters never last. Although the Winehouse family, including Amy’s father, Mitch, was initially fully on board with the project when it was being filmed, a spokesperson for the family stated, “There are specific allegations made against family and management that are unfounded and unbalanced.”

Apparently, only the Winehouse family is allowed to exploit Amy
Apparently, only the Winehouse family is allowed to exploit Amy

This nebulous comment is most likely a means to cushion any negative findings that came to light after the documentary was edited and the family could see what others said about Amy in relation to them. As for her management, Darcus Beese, the A&R rep who “discovered” her could very well be the one to be bristled over his representation.

Winehouse was a self-confessed daddy's girl
Winehouse was a self-confessed daddy’s girl

Set to debut at the Cannes Film Festival, the publicity surrounding Amy has invariably made her family nervous about any unfavorable attention they might receive in its wake. Then again, one would think that Blake Fielder-Civil would have more to worry about than any of her kin in terms of unflattering portrayals. As is generally the rule, time will have to tell if the Winehouse family reaction to the film is overblown.

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