The Most Uncomfortable Music Videos Ever Made

Ever since MTV gave birth to the music video, we’ve been given our fair share of uncomfortable moments. From over the top romances displayed onscreen to disarming visual effects and physical anomalies, there are a plethora of uncomfortable music videos to choose from. See below for the upper echelons of awkwardness.

TLC in a pleasant alternate universe of physical non-judgment is not the only uncomfortable part of "Unpretty."
TLC in a pleasant alternate universe of physical non-judgment is not the only uncomfortable part of “Unpretty.”

TLC, “Unpretty”: Sure, it’s a positive message for body image and beauty, but there’s nothing more unbearable than watching 1) A rotund girl tape up a collage of thin women to her wall and 2) A breast implant being put into someone.

Christina Aguilera, “Beautiful”: It may have received a GLAAD Award in 2003, but everything about “Beautiful”–from the close-ups to the wayward looks–makes it impossible to get through.

Kanye West-“Bound 2”: One of the most recent in the annals of videos that make you feel embarrassed for everyone involved, “Bound 2” is truly remarkable for how far Kim Kardashian and Kanye West take the visual expression of their love.

Warrant, “Cherry Pie”: Where to begin with “Cherry Pie”? Is it the none too subtle innuendo of the song itself or is it the constant shaking of the car with a WARRANT license plate on it? Or perhaps it’s simply the leather-clad band members and their realization of a frat fantasy.

Jessica Simpson, “Sweetest Sin”: Made during the height of Nick and Jessica: Newlyweds, the popularity of the show perhaps made Jessica Simpson believe that people would also want to see Nick Lachey fondle her beneath a waterfall.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z, “Drunk in Love”: Another case of a couple feeling the need to showcase their love at grotesque proportions, “Drunk in Love” favors Beyoncé doing some yogaesque moves on the beach with a beauty pageant trophy, transitioning to belly dancing and then having Jay-Z appear with a glass of wine in hand to make sex eyes at his wife.

The Prodigy, “Smack My Bitch Up”: It makes me feel like I’m coming off of heroin and I’ve never even done it.

Bronski Beat, “Smalltown Boy”: Coming out is always awkward. There tend to be intense looks, revelatory glances, public swimming pools, etc.

D’Angelo, “Untitled (How Does It Feel)”: As much as I love slow pan down shots and the male form, “Untitled” is a bit extreme.