The Madonna Kale Scandal

Madonna’s latest scandal: Calling kale gay. After a recent love affair with BuzzFeed, in which she publicized her Art for Freedom project, Madonna sat down to do a word association on ten topics and caused an instant internet uproar by calling Russian “president” Vladimir Putin and beloved vegetable kale gay.

Madonna deemed tennis a "Rich People Sport"
Madonna deemed tennis a “Rich People Sport”

As usual, when it comes to Madonna’s later career, the media is quick to pounce on everything she does as desperate and out of touch with youth. Her wry sense of humor is frequently misunderstood by people who have trouble with taking everything she says too literally. The fact that Madonna has always been a champion of gay rights and contributed vast sums of money to relevant causes like AIDS research for amfAR should be some indication that her remark was only intended as a light-hearted fancy.

Madonna's take on Jell-O shots: "White Trash Sport"
Madonna’s take on Jell-O shots: “White Trash Sport”

Madonna also responded to the word guacamole with “Gross Germs,” but this didn’t seem to upset anyone half as much as her view on kale.