The Fey, Italian Vibes of The Last Shadow Puppets’ “Miracle Aligner” Video

“What is this?” asks Miles Kane in Italian to Alex Turner during the lush introduction to their latest single from The Last Shadow Puppets’ sophomore album, Everything You’ve Come to Expect. Turner replies, “This is an attempt to extract truth…approximately.” A flurry of rose petals sweeps past them amidst this philosophy 101-type exchange. Not exactly sure what Alex is referring to, we soon get a sense that this is a sexual exploration, one that’s supposed to lead to the aforementioned extraction of truth.

This postulation is made all the more evident with Turner and Kane’s close proximity to one another, paired with intense, visceral gazes that Englishmen might be better at giving even than Italians. As they prance around in an elegant, palatial-like home, the klieg lights behind them suggest that they’re being filmed for cinematic purposes–though it’s hard to imagine being able to fake that kind of chemistry.

Dancing about in the ecstasy of luxury, the two come crashing down to the floor by the end, embracing one another and entangling themselves in what envisions is a passionate kiss as they disappear from the screen. As the camermen and crew amble off the set, we apprehend that these two are not just engaging in romance for the money they’re being paid to “act.” A miracle aligner has brought them together, after all.

Directed by Saam Farahmand, who also worked with The Last Shadow Puppets on “Everything You’ve Come to Expect” and “Aviation” (something of companion videos, if you will), the playfulness of the band comes across vividly throughout this video, infused with just the right amount of feyness.