That’s Because I’m Jealous: A Playlist for the Green-Eyed Monster

There’s no worse emotion than jealousy. Or worse, when the person who’s making you feel jealous just doesn’t give a shit. So, if you’re going through a difficult time with those burning flare-ups of rage (or STDs), this list just might be able to help you get through.
The Smiths, “I Won’t Share You”: Possessive, untrusting and addicted to Perrier. These are just a few of the symptoms of being jealous when you’re Morrissey.
Beyoncé, “Jealous”: One of the most recent additions to the annals of songs about jealousy, Beyoncé captures the feelings of hatred for your significant other pretty succinctly–minus the part where she’s talking about cooking “this food for you naked.”

John Lennon, “Jealous Guy”: Surprisingly, jealousy is a topic most commonly addressed by men–as though they didn’t actually have far more alternatives to turn to than women in situations of betrayal. John Lennon, however, brings something unique to the table when discussing jealousy as he admits that its his own feelings of insecurity that have led him to act out against his girlfriend.
Suede, “The Asphalt World”: The languid, heroin-laced vocals of Brett Anderson evoke the pain of wondering, “How does she feel when she’s next to you?”

The Zombies, “Tell Her No”: In the usual fashion of men talking about jealousy, The Zombies tell the tale of a somewhat promiscuous girl who can’t seems to control her desires. The solution to putting the kibosh on her infidelity? Have the other guy tell her no.
Queen, “Jealousy”: No voice has ever been rich and melodious enough to precisely express the agony of being jealous like Freddie Mercury’s. As he maintains an aura of cool, he croons, “To fall in love was my first mistake,” and then comes to the revelation, “How strong can you be? With matters of the heart, life is much too short to while away with tears.”

Pet Shop Boys, “Jealousy”: Many people tend to forget how intense the subject matters of Pet Shop Boys songs can be. And “Jealousy” is no exception. Mirroring the internal thought process of a crazed jealous person, Neil Tennant sings (in his own frantic way), “Where’ve you been, who’ve you seen?/ You didn’t phone when you said you would.”
Madonna, “Thief of Hearts”: Taken from the much under rated Erotica album, most listeners are unfamiliar with the majesty of this song. Rumored to be about the woman who stole Sean Penn from her, Robin Wright, this song is one of the rare ones to capture the female perspective on jealousy–and the vitriol toward the other woman is extremely accurate.
New Order, “Bizarre Love Triangle”: The title alone indicates a skewed relationship tainted by the presence of another. The lyrics, “Every time I see you falling, I get down on my knees and pray,” really mean every time he watches his significant other fall in love for that split second of attraction, he prays to god or whoever that she doesn’t act on those emotions. And again, it’s somehow always the woman in the relationship who turns out to be the slut.

Whether you plan to break up or endure the hellish feeling of jealousy pervading your relationship, at least one of these songs can help.