Stop Letting James Franco Do Things

When James Franco decided he wanted to become a writer after he had “conquered” acting, we all let him. No one liked it, but the literary gods that be allowed it. And once he “conquered” this by releasing a theoretical coffee table book centering around “real and imaginary” conversations with Lana Del Rey, apparently, he decided that the world of music would be next on his list.

And yet, the music in question is not even really his own, but rather, “inspired by” the songs of The Smiths. Yes, Franco evidently has no qualms about playing into the commonly held perception that he is a dilettante and a phony, fully intending to release a record with the knowledge that absolutely no one wants or needs him to. Worst of all, one of The Smiths’ original members, bassist Andy Rourke, has willingly volunteered to make himself available for the project, an album called Let Me Get What I Want that will also come replete with numerous videos to accompany the songs. It seems the main problem in Franco’s life is that too many people have let him get what he wants; but if anyone’s going to put a stop to this madness it’s Morrissey, never one to shy away from lambasting foolishness.

It’s uncertain whether the worst part about this entire thing is that Franco is fronting a band called Daddy or the undeniable truth that he’s been given a “multi-year” record deal on the sole basis of his already built-in celebrity.