Should You Season Your Playlist With “Iggy SZN”?

The latest single from Iggy Azalea, pop culture grafter and Nicki Minaj offender extraordinaire, leaves one to wonder if she’s mildly deaf. Sure, there’s your standard Iggy brand of danceability to it, but the lyrics themselves are among her worst.

Cover of "Iggy SZN"
Cover of “Iggy SZN”
As usual, it’s the beat of the song that manages to hold your interest as you test your patience listening to Azalea insist, “Everywhere I go, they say it’s Iggy season/Simmer down bitch/It’s Iggy season.” The single is among the first to come off the re-issue of The New Classic (because why bother making new music when you can just tack on a few new songs to the album you already have?), set for release on November 24 under the name Reclassified.
Overly confident
Overly confident
Azalea goes on to say, “If I told you what I’m worth, you would throw up.” But in truth, all one needs to do is listen to the lyrics of this song.