Rocco Ritchie & Kylie Jenner: A Birthday Comparison Relating Back to the Styles of Celebrity Parenting

It is a known fact that there are varying breeds of celebrity spawn. And there’s perhaps no greater elucidation of this than the Ciccone-Leon-Ritchies and the Kardashian-Jenners. The so-called beef between Lourdes Leon and Kylie Jenner wasn’t the first indication that Madonna’s family felt itself more than slightly above the, let’s face it, TV trash dynasty.

Pomp & circumstance
Pomp & circumstance

Ever since anyone can remember, Madonna’s hard and fast “no media” rule has applied to the raising of her children. Though, of course, this has gone somewhat out the window with her whole Instagram situation, but, while they were younger, at least, Madonna shielded them from the influence of mass communications.

The far more modest depiction of Rocco on his birthday, as told by Madonna's Instagram
The far more modest depiction of Rocco on his birthday, as told by Madonna’s Instagram

The Kardashian-Jenner children, on the other hand, have obviously always been exposed to the taint of TV and internet. Could this, perhaps, have anything to do with the false notions of importance bestowed upon Kylie Jenner for her eighteenth birthday? Seeing her family and herself portrayed constantly in the media certainly isn’t detracting from an inflated ego. Neither is being given a Ferrari as a gift. And, while TBT photos of the Kardashian-Jenners are telling of a plastic surgery evolution, Madonna’s TBT photo of Rocco in honor of his birthday features a picture of them together from a 2005 Vogue article against the backdrop of a George Galloway pillow (Galloway was the former leader of the British Respect Party, socialist in view; Galloway, incidentally, shares the same August 16 birthday as Madonna). Clearly, Rocco had a childhood rife with exposure to the more intellectual side of life.

Kylie Jenners gaudy b-day gift
Kylie Jenners gaudy b-day gift

Moreover, Rocco has been eased in to the knowledge of just where he ranks on the celebrity Richter scale. By remaining momentarily oblivious to his mother being Madonna, a period of gestation for humbleness was allowed. For Rocco’s own milestone birthday (he’s fifteen now) on August 11, the fanfare appeared decidedly dimmer than the Jenner bash, with Madonna showing a gleeful Rocco simply holding their dog, Olga, to commemorate the momentous transition into his mid-teens. While, naturally, it’s to be assumed Madonna’s child is going to receive many lavish gifts and an expensive celebration, the manner in which it is being showcased to the media is what makes the Ciccone-Leon-Ritchies a giant strand of hair more sophisticated.

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