Rihanna’s “Bad Ass” Reputation Tarnished By Rumor of Her Fear to Perform at Lollapalooza Colombia Over Zika Virus

The Zika has everyone trembling in their sandals these days. It’s the disease to be afraid of this summer. And, according to often fabricated media speculation, Rihanna, too, is terrified of it. Reported to have been the catalyst for Lollapalooza Colombia being cancelled, Rihanna, known for carefully cultivating her “bad girl”/”bad ass” reputation with videos like “Bitch Better Have My Money” and “Needed Me,” has lost a bit of laugh in the face of danger cachet.

The festival, which would have taken place on September 17th and 18th, has actually been kiboshed due to Colombia being the country with the second highest number of Zika virus cases after Brazil right now. Thus, the congregation of thousands of people in a single cluster fuck would only be a smorgasbord of blood for mosquitoes lusting for hemoglobin to infect.

Moreover, Rihanna was apparently never in agreement to perform as the headliner in the first place, her ANTI World Tour schedule being in conflict with the dates (though, at the moment, it looks as though her only performance during that month is on the 3rd). Whatever the case, however, the damage has already been done in terms of not only vilifying Rihanna for the reason behind the cancellation, but also making her appear to be a lily-livered lamb who can’t stand up to her fearless reputation.