Regina George to Melania Trump: Stop Trying to Make #PoweroftheFirstLady Happen

Like most things anyone in the Trump family does, a recent attempt at garnering cool cachet didn’t quite catch. This time, it was Melania trying to use her “status” as a woman “in power” to affirm actress Emily Ratajkowski’s defense of the former model/current First Lady’s salacious past as called out by the New York Times of late. Those who don’t know the name Emily Ratajkowski might recognize her from the video for the date rape anthem “Blurred Lines.”

Apart from the somewhat random show of solidarity on Ratajkowski’s part, the brief bid for fast feminism resulted in Melania emulating her sugar daddy–excuse me, husband–and taking to Twitter to say, “Applause to all women around the world who speak up, stand up and support other women! @emrata #PowerOfEveryWoman #PowerOfTheFirstLady.” In addition to this being a prime example of the hollowness of Twitter activism, Melania (who briefly attracted sympathy in the form of protest signs during the Women’s March with a viral sign that read “Free Melania” and “Melania, Blink Twice if You Want Us to Save You”), revealed the very reason why she’s Donald’s wife: a mutual love for self-aggrandizement and overall vanity.

Not that Melania cares about women as evidenced by the fact that, well, she’s married to a fascist oppressor who grabs people by their pussies, but she didn’t need to soil the only time she’s ever even taken a stab at the role of feminist by managing to insert her own dictator-like hashtag into the mix. In all honesty, the only First Lady who ever had power in every sense was Eleanor Roosevelt, a woman who would have clocked Melania in the face with FDR’s wheelchair had she been witness to her setting foot in the White House.

All in all, Regina George needs to step out of the woodwork from her time traipsing around as Caesar to remind Melania, “Stop trying to make #PoweroftheFirstLady happen. It’s not going to happen.”