Peaches Is Now Rubbing The Pain Away in Latest Video

“Can’t talk right now, this chick’s dick is in my mouth,” Peaches repeats as this image quite literally occurs during a scene of her latest video, “Rub,” from the album of the same name released earlier this year. As is her norm, gender subversion is what makes the narrative of her newest visual accompaniment so riveting to watch.

Peaches sets the tone for sexual insurgency with a desert opening featuring a full-bushed nude woman perched on a rock as another nebulous-in-gender-aesthetic female faces a labia-looking rock. The labia imagery persists in everything from a rearview mirror decoration to graffiti on a car van. The term “rub,” of course refers to rubbing one out, whether you’re doing it yourself or getting someone else to do it for you. And this is just what Peaches and her ilk like to do. From the desert, the video segues to a brothel, of sorts, with an array of fat women delighting in their sexuality and, yes, rubbing against each other. Celebrating female on female contact, the lyric, “Whistle blow my clit, watch it open up,” seems all too appropriate a description.

The scene transitions back to the desert as night falls, and another orgy ensues, with Peaches all dressed up in her best bondage garb. The coalescing of bodies leaves gender identity unrecognizable, with Peaches’ female male-appearing friend taking her to a private area so that they can urinate together, showcasing their vaginas in unkempt, natural glory. As Peaches iterates, “Come with me, you know me/Feel free.” And, as the video concludes with a Lady Godiva-esque woman riding naked on a horse, it’s quite clear that there’s no better person to lose your inhibitions with than this no holds barred Canadian.