Peaches is Beauty & The Beast in Jean Cocteau-esque “Free Drink Ticket”

Peaches continues to bring us new visual accompaniments from one of her best albums in years, Rub. Last time we saw her, she was sucking a woman’s dick in the video for “Rub,” now she’s going all Jean Cocteau on us with her new single, “Free Drink Ticket.”

As a man (or woman) dressed in a boar’s head circles around Peaches, clad in a netted bondage outfit that reveals her prosthetic chest, we’re given the sort of baroque-inspired cinematography and narrative that could only be evoked from having seen 1946’s La Belle et la Bête. And if Peaches has never seen it, then she’s certainly channeling it nonetheless. Not just in the overt homage to the bestial but in the set design of hands holding candelabra as they protrude through walls.

The dark, sinister nature of the video beautifully accompanies the rage one feels emanating from Peaches as she seethes, “Crush you, that’s what I must do/You crossed the line and I’m not havin’ it.” Her equally as minimally clad subjects orbit her with their candles as she looks on in rage at the boar, but occasionally has a little sexual fun with it too.

Unlike La Belle et la Bête, however, there is no happy ending for this beast, who ends up subject to the demonic judgment of Peaches, never one to be crossed.