Pastiche Explodes in Iggy Azalea’s “Black Widow” Video

Rather than prove that she’s capable of a unique video concept, Iggy Azalea continues to solidify the notion that there isn’t an original thought in her brain with the release of “Black Widow,” a knockoff of Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2. Michael Madsen, never one for turning down work of any kind, fortifies the seeming genuineness of the re-creation by unofficially reprising his role as Budd, Bill’s (David Carradine) fuck-up brother.

Michael Madsen as the "Bill" of the video
Michael Madsen as the “Bill” of the video
At the intro of the video, the archetypal Quentin Tarantino milieu is presented: the dive diner. Madsen and Rita Ora, the maligned girlfriend in the scenario, sit down to order. Madsen requests a cheeseburger with disgusting amounts of excess cheese and asks for the same for Ora before she can make any demands of her own. Their waitress, Iggy, grows irritated when Madsen complains of the burger lacking the desired slathering of cheese. Iggy’s manager sides with Madsen and bids her to make another burger for their customer. This leads her into a fantasy that makes no sense whatsoever based on the aforementioned circumstances. She and Ora are suddenly in the Lucy Liu tableau of a snow-covered backdrop with light flakes sprinkling over their Beatrix Kiddo-inspired costumes.
Azalea and Ora in Kill Bill Vol. 3
Azalea and Ora in Kill Bill Vol. 3
Not much else happens apart from Azalea and Ora parading around with swords that say Black Widow on the side and then anticlimactically facing off with Madsen in the end, who gets bitten by a black widow, rather than stabbed by the duo. While Tarantino is all too understanding of a good pop culture ripoff, he might not be so impressed by the utter lack of gore.


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