Ozzy Osbourne: Proof That A Man Is Nothing Without A Woman

It’s a sad story indeed when even Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne can’t make it work after thirty-four years of marriage. And yet, this is exactly what has happened amid Jay-Z inspired rumors regarding Ozzy’s infidelity with a Los Angeles-based hairstylist named Michelle Pugh, still somehow age-inappropriate at 45 years old to Ozzy’s 67.

Sharon’s tolerance of Ozzy’s shenanigans over the years haven’t exactly matched Ozzy’s–unless you count his superhuman tolerance for drugs. After he relapsed back in 2013, the strain put on their marriage was pushed to its brink. Thus, the accusations of cheating on Ozzy’s part take the amount of bullshit Sharon has endured to an understandable threshold.

While, yes, the history they share with one another is a storied one, rich with lovely memories that we can all still treasure thanks to MTV’s The Osbournes, a woman can only withstand so many crushing disappointments before she puts a stop to the madness.

Though men tend to accuse women of being shrewish nags responsible for the reason why they can’t seem to find their balls, the truth of the matter is, the less fair sex is a trainwreck without a woman to turn to for ego-stroking (and dick-stroking as well, obviously). This has been succinctly elucidated by the fact that barely a day after the announcement of their separation, Ozzy has gone “missing.” It’s a wonder he was even able to walk upright without Sharon.