Only Kim K Could Make Jewelry Theft Chic Again

Jewelry thieving hasn’t had any glamor or cachet to it since maybe Alfred Hitchcock’s 1955 To Catch A Thief. After than it was all about art thieving (see: How To Steal A Million or Ocean’s Twelve). But leave it to Kim Kardashian, in all her infinite frivolous wealth, to make the refined skill of jewel-snatching come back into fashion.

Though it took five men to make this trend in robbing experience a resurgence, it only took the mere donning of police uniforms to talk their way into the building, after which they threatened the doorman’s life in such a way as to leave him no other choice but to allow two of the armed men into Kardashian’s room.

The property, situated in the eighth arrodissement, was chosen specifically for its secluded-from-the-paparazzi nature, and proved an aid to the discretion with which the gang carried out its heist. While Kim was locked in her bathroom, the thieves managed to steal upwards of ten million dollars’ worth of jewels, including a ring Kanye West recently gave to her.

Kardashian fled from the city immediately after (which she was only gracing with her presence thanks to Paris Fashion Week), and has been surprisingly mum on social media, perhaps leading skeptics to further question just how severe the reality star’s ordeal was. Embellished or not, it’s safe to say that Kardashian has probably just made jewel thieving cool again.