Nylon Needs A Copy Editor, Stat

Thousands of New York-based bloggers churn out article after article every day with most of their work getting lost in the shuffle of the internet abyss, which is perhaps why copy editing tends to get extremely lax after a certain number of pop culture-related pieces have been tossed out into the ether, particularly those from the Nylon magazine blog. At some point, people realize that no one’s really paying attention. That is, almost no one.

Back to back articles with the word "Super" in the title
Back to back articles with the word “Super” in the title

I understand that the word “super” is very multi-faceted and designed to appeal to the teen and tween set, but using it more than once for two articles posted the same day is a bit much. What about just calling Anne Hathaway “glam” instead of “super glam” (even though she’s, of course, neither)? That way, calling a new music video by Kanye West’s creative director “super gothy” wouldn’t seem quite so repetitive.

"Major" is another favored word
“Major” is another favored word

Whether it’s scaling back on some of their adjectives and modifying nouns or maybe just not using words with an air of contrived enthusiasm, a new copy editor would greatly behoove Nylon‘s legitimacy among the rest of the internet blog army. Not to say that they don’t have “major” style otherwise.