No More Mascara Tears for Jennifer Aniston

Few celebrities are capable of touting the no-makeup look while actually being able to carry it off (see Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian for examples). But leave it to contrived au naturel type Jennifer Aniston, with her Smart Water and Aveeno ad campaigns, to be the one to prove that you can still look somewhat fuckable even when you’re not layering on the foundation.

Going for makeup broke
Going for makeup broke
In her latest role as a plain Jane type–taking it well beyond what her character, Justine Last, in The Good Girl had going on aesthetically–Aniston plays Claire Simmons, a basic who starts dating a widower. Cake, directed by Daniel Barnz (who directed the little seen Mary-Kate Olsen movie, Beastly), is, thus, Aniston’s attempt to cleanse herself of We’re the Millers.
The Cake movie poster is as washed out as Aniston's look
The Cake movie poster is as washed out as Aniston’s look
Since everyone knows that the only way to get Academy buzz as a woman is by looking like total shit in the role you choose, Aniston took the safe route by going for the no makeup scene, especially since she knew she was still going to look halfway decent without it. Better than gaining a grotesque amount of weight or looking deformed, Aniston may be single-handedly paving the way for somewhat normal-appearing women to win Oscars in the future.Though it’s doubtful she’ll keep her face product-free in the long run–in spite of it saving her the visible black tears from her mascara over her various losses in love.